11 May 2013

Sunny Saturday

i went on a picnic date today.

He picked me up in his 1952 MG convertible. i wore a floppy sun hat and Audrey Hepburn sunglasses. He had just the right amount of facial scruff.

We ate cucumber sandwiches, fresh pineapple and vanilla macaroons on the banks of the Snake River. He made me laugh.

After sitting and talking and talking, we drove and drove through this beautiful countryside that i call home, stopping when anything struck us as beautiful and taking pictures all along the way. He took quite a few pictures of me ::blush::

As we got back to town, he told me to meet me at his house with my car. When i got there, he washed my car for me.

The night ended sitting in the gazebo in the backyard watching the sunset. We didn't talk at all, just sat and listened.

i can handle dates like that. Yessiree.
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