21 May 2013


After a month of interviewing people to try to replenish my staff of employees, i have complied the following advice for anyone going in to interview for a new job.

jennifer's interview tips:

*Don't wear a hoodie.
*Zip up your fly.
*When asked if you have any questions for me, don't say, "So, when do I start training?"
*Spit out your wad of gum.
*Be on time.
*Don't wear distressed jeans-- and then apologize for not wearing a skirt.
*Don't say "I'm too old to be around students. Oh wait, are you a student?"
*Dry your hair before coming to your interview.
*Don't put "LDS Laurel, Mia Maid, and Beehive class president" on your resume.
*When asked to tell about a time you had to deal with conflict on the job between a coworker or boss, don't say, "I have way too many examples."
*Don't say, "I left my last job because my boss kept telling me what I was doing wrong and it was very frustrating."

Yes, all of these things really happened as i was interviewing. No, none of these people were offered a position.
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