16 October 2011

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of

Sometimes sisters are for this:

And sometimes sisters are for this:

i thank the Gods for my sisters. i love them. i hope to be as good of a sister for both of them as they are to me. i pray that we can always be as close, no matter what happens or where we are.

04 October 2011

New Season

Last weekend was beautiful, sunny, warm, picnic weather. Today was cold and rainy. I realized that while it used to be light as I left Pocatello, now sunrise happens just as I hit Rexburg. I started working on my files for the 4th quarter. And I had to admit that winter cometh...quickly.

But first, I have to enjoy Autumn. I love this season; it might be my favorite. I am sure I will post more on my love of Autumn...just as I do every year. I came to terms with the chilly fall day today for the following reasons:

There were home made biscuits and gravy for lunch today. So warming on a rainy day

The spine-tingling book I am reading seems appropriate for the holiday and the weather

Fun new sweaters for work

My pumpkins are flourishing. This one is about the size of a cantelope.

Halloween is coming! I began decorating today.

Now I get to snuggle under my down comforter with the cool, fresh, clean air blowing in through the sliding glass door off my bedroom.

Hello, Autumn. And goodnight, all.

02 October 2011

Feeling Ambitious

After I graduated from high school, I struggled coming home for the summer between college semesters. As surprising as it seems, I didn’t worry about living my parents rules again or clashing with them now that I was an “adult;” my issues stemmed from the fact that I no longer had friends living in Las Vegas and had nothing to do besides work and chill with the family. One summer I decided to occupy my time by making a quilt. My mother and I found a pattern for a lap quilt using applique on some of the squares. Rather than follow the original pattern, I determined to utilize my acquired skill of embroidery to add pattern onto these particular blocks rather than doing applique. We bought all the fabric and embroidery floss necessary and I set to work.

Even though I worked my heart out, I had overestimated my speed at embroidery and by the end of the summer I had the necessary squares embroidered, but none of the other fabric cut out or pieced together. The project sat in a bag in a box in a closet for about 7 years, until I finally pulled it out. Although I have much work yet to do (especially considering the fact that I want to hand quilt it once I have the top finished) I feel pleased with the progress I have made.

This is what my weekend looked like in between conference sessions:

This is a detail of one of the 14 blocks I embroidered

Can't wait to post pictures of my lap quilt when I am finished--hopefully it won't take another 7 years.