04 October 2011

New Season

Last weekend was beautiful, sunny, warm, picnic weather. Today was cold and rainy. I realized that while it used to be light as I left Pocatello, now sunrise happens just as I hit Rexburg. I started working on my files for the 4th quarter. And I had to admit that winter cometh...quickly.

But first, I have to enjoy Autumn. I love this season; it might be my favorite. I am sure I will post more on my love of Autumn...just as I do every year. I came to terms with the chilly fall day today for the following reasons:

There were home made biscuits and gravy for lunch today. So warming on a rainy day

The spine-tingling book I am reading seems appropriate for the holiday and the weather

Fun new sweaters for work

My pumpkins are flourishing. This one is about the size of a cantelope.

Halloween is coming! I began decorating today.

Now I get to snuggle under my down comforter with the cool, fresh, clean air blowing in through the sliding glass door off my bedroom.

Hello, Autumn. And goodnight, all.
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