18 June 2014

How my run is just like my recovery journey

Last Friday i worked a ten or more hour day. Even after i arrived home, i had to sign on and work some more. Because of work i didn't get to bed until 11:30. i  had to resolve some major issues in the middle of the night and i was up before 5am.

i was anxious, wound up and everything before i even started my half marathon. i had missed packet pick up the night before (because of work) so i felt flustered and unprepared. i hadn't been running as much (barely at all) because of my foot issues. i even told my guy the morning of the race that i wish i felt better about running that day.

We started at 7:30am. It was cold and windy.. i realized right as the race started that i was alone. i looked at my guy waving me on from the side. My coach wasn't with me. The friends i like to run with weren't with me. It was just me and the pavement.

No one was depending on me to finish or push me. There was no one there judging the pace i set. i could walk or stop and not feel bad. This was about me.

About 2.5 miles in, i was looking ahead and all along this gorgeous country road as far as i could see there was a line of neon colored people. They were all there, like me, pushing themselves to do something hard--fighting the same battle as me, just them and the pavement.

It was beautiful and inspiring. i was alone...but i was NOT alone. We were in this together.

Around mile 4, my foot began to hurt. By mile 7 it was completely numb. But i just ran and ran. i ran through the pain. And it hurt, but it was worth it. By the time i hit mile 9, i forgot about it. i'm sure the pain was still there, but it didn't matter anymore. i had the strength to endure it.

There was a really long slow climb for about 4.5 miles with little reprieve. We were running into a 10mph head wind. It was tough. i didn't walk at all. Not for the whole 13.1 miles. i didn't have to pause to retie my shoe a few times, but i just kept running.

When i hit mile 12, i picked up the pace. The last .5 miles were hell. i had absolutely nothing left to give. At the home stretch, i could barely move...so i sprinted.

i saw Ian standing with a camera...doing a two finger whistle and grinning. i couldn't help but start grinning and laughing back. As soon as i crossed the finish line, my guy was standing there with my medallion.

i was exhausted, chaffed, overwhelmed, sore and so so so proud.

In fact, i ran my guts out. i have never gone that far without walking or stopping for a bathroom. And i beat my last time by over 6 minutes.

After the race my body went into shock because i pushed myself so very hard. i might have felt pretty crappy physically, but otherwise i felt amazing.

i gave it everything i had. There wasn't one moment where i could have gone faster or harder than i did.

06 June 2014

Goal Update

Maybe you think i have forgotten about my 30 before 30?

Not even close!

Here is what i have been up to:

#1- Get Completely Out of Debt: i have been adhering to a tight budget still and have not put anything on a credit card in almost a year!

#4- Run a Marathon: Running is pretty much a constant in my life now. Lately i have had some foot issues that are very disconcerting and have slowed my progress down immensely. i would hit about 4 miles into my runs and get a sharp shooting pain on the top of my right foot. Then my toes would go completely numb.

After trying to get help from a doctor (FAIL!) i finally self diagnosed and believe that i am struggling with extensor tendonitis. From what i can tell, the best thing to do was to purchase new shoes and rotate the shoes in which i run. Unfortunately, shoes are expensive, so their purchase didn't help much with goal #1, but such is life.

i will be running the Teton Dam half marathon next Saturday (wish two halves equaled a whole!) and then Ragnar at the end of June. Hopefully in August i will be running another half as well. Yay for summer races!

#7- Finish a Twin Sized Quilt: While i took a break temporarily from running, i pulled out the sewing machine. My quilt will be nine rows of nine squares...over the last two weeks, i sewed enough blocks for a row.

#9- Read and Keep an Accounting of 100 Novels: i am done with 25 books and half way through my 26th and 27th.

#10- Grow my Hair to Mermaid Lengths: It's getting pretty long over here!

Running outside also makes my freckles more pronounced :)

#13- Read the Bible from Cover to Cover: i will finish up 2 Chronicles this week.

#16- Scripture Study Every Night for a Year: The only night i have missed since i announced my goals was Thanksgiving.

#23- Clean and Organize Everything in my House: This week i have done my guest closet and my bedroom closet. Here we go....i LOVE organizing :)

#24- Snowshoe: DONE!!

Out and about at Island Park

Some pretty hi-tech snow shoes

#29- See a Great Concert: This is a summer of concerts for me...i have tickets for one in June, July and August.

04 June 2014


Last weekend i went on an adventure. My guy took me to Moab with his family.

i was terrified to go. i did not have good in-law experiences in my past. But even before we left, his family had already been so kind--planning the vacation around my work schedule, emailing me information, texting me and asking for my opinions, etc.

Going was the best decision. i felt included, loved, not judged, accepted and appreciated. i felt like they WANTED me there and liked the idea of me being a part of their family. It was natural.

And i absolutely adored Moab.

i couldn't get enough of the red rocks. All of the plants were green and many of them were flowering, even the cacti. The arches and rock formations took my breath away. My camera was constantly clicking because i wanted to take it all home with me. Enjoy the picture dump!

On the top of a fin

Rafting the Colorado River

i like his face ::handsome::

Drying off after the rapids
In front of delicate arch

Look at us out there in Delicate Arch

Landscape Arch
Perfectly framed

Hiking through the Fiery Furnace

i'm in double arch
That's me! Run, jennifer, run!

Morning run around Moab to Arches
Me at the bottom of Double O Arch

My guy in the middle of Double O Arch

Both of us at the top of Double O

Such gorgeous views

Soaking in the sun. These colors are for real.