28 August 2013

30 before 30

i turned 28 on Monday. It was an incredible day. But that's a different story...

i've always been a fan of bucket lists. A way to dream and wish and imagine. Some things will get crossed off and some ideas are far-fetched. It's fun to believe that some day i will complete every thing on my bucket list.

This is not a bucket list. This is a "To-Do" list. As in, i MUST do these things. And there is a time limit; i have two years (less two days). They are in no particular order. i will post developments as i go.

30 BEFORE 30
1- Get completely out of debt
2- Visit one place on my bucket list in country
3- Visit one place on my bucket list out of country
4- Run a marathon
5- Forgive Jacob
6- Go fly fishing
7- Finish a twin sized quilt
8- Master making delicious sushi
9- Read and keep an accounting of 100 novels
10- Grow my hair to mermaid lengths
11- Take the GRE
12- Go skydiving
13- Read the Bible from cover to cover
14- Go vegetarian for a month
15- Transfer my entire music collection to digital format
16- Scripture study every night for an entire year
17- Do a yoga headstand
18- (Originally: Get down to 125 pounds) Accept myself no matter what my weight is
19- Become an ordinance worker
20- Print out a copy of my novel
21- Go scuba diving somewhere new
22- Master making a white sauce
23- Clean and organize every drawer, every cupboard and every box in my house
24- Snowshoe
25- Get rid of gossiping
26- Learn to do a loud two finger whistle
27- Read all 7 Harry Potter books again
28- Make an origami paper crane
29- See a great concert
30- Learn how to take a compliment

What would you have on your list?

19 August 2013


Some people have made a difference in my life just by being themselves--open and honest and loving and giving. One of these people is Jacy.

i found her in the depths of my darkest days. Since then, she has been there for me. i don't know her individually, but through her blog i feel like i have gained a support and a friend. At first i just quietly followed. Then i started commenting. Then Jacy reached out to me and invited me to turn to her if i ever needed anything.

As if that didn't make her amazing enough already...she is organizing this:
As the website says, it is "A community of love, validation and the rarest of friends, The Togetherness Project is a sisterhood of empowerment, healing and hope. We proudly present our very first one-day women's conference in Salt Lake City at the South Towne Exposition Center on October 19, 2013."

The classes include:
"Picking Up the Pieces and Moving On: Creating a New Life"
"Dealing with Disappointment"
"Forgiveness, Recovery, and Hope: You CAN Make it Through This!"
"Beauty Redefined: Learning to Recognize and Reject Harmful Media Ideals"

It is specifically for women who have spouses, ex-husbands, boyfriends, or loved ones who have dealt with or are dealing with pornography/sexual addiction.

i am doing everything i can to be there. If you know of anyone who would benefit from this conference, please please please share the link with them.

15 August 2013

How many times can i break till i shatter?

It should have been 5 years today. Sometimes pictures are better than words...

"Forever Hurts" series by my amazing sister.

08 August 2013

Countering Stress with Happiness

The last two weeks at work have been some of the most stressful and emotional i have experienced in a long time. i have certainly worked more hours than ever before, with 12+ hour days (one of them was a 16.5 hour day!), no days off and phone calls from my employees all night long.

In order to keep my sanity, here is a list of things to remind me that life isn't all stress and craziness:

1- Baby birds that aren't afraid of humans yet

2- My niece does yoga. Nice downward dog, Bo!

3- Barbie cupcakes. Something about bright pink and sparkly is always happy...it's a girly girl thing.

4- Roommate reunion at Snowview #2. Even after 10 years, i love these girls.

5- i have matching shoes with my dad :)

6- Siri makes me laugh

7- i love where i live (Taken by my dad at Mesa Falls)