28 August 2013

30 before 30

i turned 28 on Monday. It was an incredible day. But that's a different story...

i've always been a fan of bucket lists. A way to dream and wish and imagine. Some things will get crossed off and some ideas are far-fetched. It's fun to believe that some day i will complete every thing on my bucket list.

This is not a bucket list. This is a "To-Do" list. As in, i MUST do these things. And there is a time limit; i have two years (less two days). They are in no particular order. i will post developments as i go.

30 BEFORE 30
1- Get completely out of debt
2- Visit one place on my bucket list in country
3- Visit one place on my bucket list out of country
4- Run a marathon
5- Forgive Jacob
6- Go fly fishing
7- Finish a twin sized quilt
8- Master making delicious sushi
9- Read and keep an accounting of 100 novels
10- Grow my hair to mermaid lengths
11- Take the GRE
12- Go skydiving
13- Read the Bible from cover to cover
14- Go vegetarian for a month
15- Transfer my entire music collection to digital format
16- Scripture study every night for an entire year
17- Do a yoga headstand
18- (Originally: Get down to 125 pounds) Accept myself no matter what my weight is
19- Become an ordinance worker
20- Print out a copy of my novel
21- Go scuba diving somewhere new
22- Master making a white sauce
23- Clean and organize every drawer, every cupboard and every box in my house
24- Snowshoe
25- Get rid of gossiping
26- Learn to do a loud two finger whistle
27- Read all 7 Harry Potter books again
28- Make an origami paper crane
29- See a great concert
30- Learn how to take a compliment

What would you have on your list?
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