05 September 2013

Morning Run

i almost always run alone.

When i first started, i ran with Morgan, but now my distances are too great.

Recently, i found a running buddy; not for all of my runs, but for a couple a week. The only problem? He has to run in the morning. EARLY.

Yesterday i jogged over to his house to meet him for one of my long runs. i stepped out of my house and the air was cool and crisp. The sun hadn't even begun peeping and the stars were bright. Since i wouldn't be alone for most of the run, i forgo the iPod and ran in the silence of the morning.

Once i met up with him, the miles flew by as we chatted and the sunrise was warm and beautiful. It was pleasant to have a running companion.

Arriving home i had plenty of time before i needed to leave for work. i showered and stretched out on my hammock to relax and let the morning sun dry my hair. As i contemplated the run, no matter how pleasing the company was, the best part was the first mile.

There is something magical about jogging alone through the dark streets of a still-sleeping town with the morning silence all around and only the light of the stars above.

i think i prefer running alone.
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