19 August 2013


Some people have made a difference in my life just by being themselves--open and honest and loving and giving. One of these people is Jacy.

i found her in the depths of my darkest days. Since then, she has been there for me. i don't know her individually, but through her blog i feel like i have gained a support and a friend. At first i just quietly followed. Then i started commenting. Then Jacy reached out to me and invited me to turn to her if i ever needed anything.

As if that didn't make her amazing enough already...she is organizing this:
As the website says, it is "A community of love, validation and the rarest of friends, The Togetherness Project is a sisterhood of empowerment, healing and hope. We proudly present our very first one-day women's conference in Salt Lake City at the South Towne Exposition Center on October 19, 2013."

The classes include:
"Picking Up the Pieces and Moving On: Creating a New Life"
"Dealing with Disappointment"
"Forgiveness, Recovery, and Hope: You CAN Make it Through This!"
"Beauty Redefined: Learning to Recognize and Reject Harmful Media Ideals"

It is specifically for women who have spouses, ex-husbands, boyfriends, or loved ones who have dealt with or are dealing with pornography/sexual addiction.

i am doing everything i can to be there. If you know of anyone who would benefit from this conference, please please please share the link with them.

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