08 August 2013

Countering Stress with Happiness

The last two weeks at work have been some of the most stressful and emotional i have experienced in a long time. i have certainly worked more hours than ever before, with 12+ hour days (one of them was a 16.5 hour day!), no days off and phone calls from my employees all night long.

In order to keep my sanity, here is a list of things to remind me that life isn't all stress and craziness:

1- Baby birds that aren't afraid of humans yet

2- My niece does yoga. Nice downward dog, Bo!

3- Barbie cupcakes. Something about bright pink and sparkly is always happy...it's a girly girl thing.

4- Roommate reunion at Snowview #2. Even after 10 years, i love these girls.

5- i have matching shoes with my dad :)

6- Siri makes me laugh

7- i love where i live (Taken by my dad at Mesa Falls)
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