04 June 2014


Last weekend i went on an adventure. My guy took me to Moab with his family.

i was terrified to go. i did not have good in-law experiences in my past. But even before we left, his family had already been so kind--planning the vacation around my work schedule, emailing me information, texting me and asking for my opinions, etc.

Going was the best decision. i felt included, loved, not judged, accepted and appreciated. i felt like they WANTED me there and liked the idea of me being a part of their family. It was natural.

And i absolutely adored Moab.

i couldn't get enough of the red rocks. All of the plants were green and many of them were flowering, even the cacti. The arches and rock formations took my breath away. My camera was constantly clicking because i wanted to take it all home with me. Enjoy the picture dump!

On the top of a fin

Rafting the Colorado River

i like his face ::handsome::

Drying off after the rapids
In front of delicate arch

Look at us out there in Delicate Arch

Landscape Arch
Perfectly framed

Hiking through the Fiery Furnace

i'm in double arch
That's me! Run, jennifer, run!

Morning run around Moab to Arches
Me at the bottom of Double O Arch

My guy in the middle of Double O Arch

Both of us at the top of Double O

Such gorgeous views

Soaking in the sun. These colors are for real.

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