09 May 2013

Noveling Madness

i made it through week one of this crazy idea to write a novel in a month. i now have more than 12,000 words--one fourth of the way done!

This is what i have learned in week one:

-i am not an author.
-i wish i had a desktop computer instead of just a net book.
-i'm glad i have a net book because some of my best ideas hit when i'm in the bathtub.
-i am much wittier in shorter forms (ie: blog posts and texts). It is insanely difficult to be constantly witty for 20 pages.
-My dramatic nature serves me well when trying to write.
-i enjoy quilting much more than i enjoy writing.
-i love google docs; things are saved instantly as i write and i can access my document from any computer or my phone.
-i usually only meet my daily word count because i know that i have a friend to whom i am going to have to account at the end of the day.
-It is easier than i thought it would be to leave behind my "inner editor" and just type.
-It is harder than i thought it would be to know how to organize my story.
-The characters in my life are way better than any make believe character that i could create.
-i don't have the desire to share what i am writing with anyone--but it sure feels good to write it anyway.
-The first two sentences were the easiest for me to write.

Just to tease you....here they are:

"I always wanted to die by spontaneous combustion. All that would be left of me would be a pair of hot pink chucks, smoking in the middle of the sidewalk."

Here goes week two!
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