15 May 2013

Smiling through Wednesday

Did you know that more suicides happen on Wednesday than any other day of the week?

An article that I recently read on nbcnews cited a study which proved Wednesday as the darkest day of the week. "The study, published in Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, found that people are far more likely to kill themselves in the middle of the week than in the beginning or the end: almost 25 percent of suicides occur on Wednesdays as compared to 14 percent on Mondays or Saturdays, the two days tied for second-highest suicide rates. The study also found if you make it through Wednesday, your risk for suicide plummets by more than half the following day; Thursdays have the lowest rate, with only 11 percent of suicides."

Let's boost our Wednesday a little with a happy list! Here is what has made me happy so far this week:

*Technology makes this possible:

"Chatting" with Bo via iPhone FaceTime

*It also enabled my whole family to Skype all together on one video call for Mother's Day (me in ID, sis in TX, sis in MT, bro in Russia and the 'rents in NV).

*The tulips are blooming:

*So are the lilacs, filling the streets with one of the best scents ever and making my bike rides to work that much sweeter.

*Having only girls at my movie night on Monday, which means we watched "Burlesque."

*New Shades:

*Finding cookies that are easy to make, delicious and healthy (plus, my date loved them ::grin::). Even though i did feel a little crunchy walking out of the store with the ingredients.

*"So You Think You Can Dance" started yesterday-- and i have a friend willing to record it and watch it with me!

*Picking the perfect long weekend (weather wise) to visit Vegas:

*Getting half way through my novel! 25,000 words baby!

*i am actually successfully accomplishing most of the goals i have set! (updates to come)

*Bubble baths

*How healthy my hair feels since i started using coconut oil as my only product (thanks, Rubi)

*FINALLY being done hiring (i am done, right? Please say i'm done)

*My niece (let's just face it...there will be at list one picture of Bo on every happy list i make)

My sister is a gorgeous mother!

Tell me you can look at that face and NOT smile? Impossible!
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