05 February 2016

Cross Country Skiing

Mr B is an advanced cross country skier. Last winter, when we first started dating, we talked about going skiing together, but it never happened. We were determined not to go through another winter without me giving it a go.

And i am SO glad. Just like trail running, it perfectly combined my love of running with Mr B's love of the outdoors...and our joint love of enjoying the beauty of Idaho/Wyoming.

Over the Christmas break we took three ski trips to three different locations. My little brother joined us for the first two trips.

The first trip was up Teton Canyon. It was snowing like crazy. We bundled up and Mr B taught Ian and i the basics. It took us a bit to get the hang of it (especially in the snow that made the tracks fairly undefined) and we were tired at the end, but the view was lovely and we enjoyed it.

Me and Ian skiing through the snowstorm
Mr B, Me and Ian covered in snow
Me heading back down the canyon
Me and Ian getting the hang of things
Me "Am i doing this right?"
On our second outing, the weather was much more favorable. We went up around the Island Park Dam. It was overcast and lightly snowing, but warmer and we weren't getting wet at all. i especially enjoyed the scenery on our jaunt as we followed the river and saw large amounts of swans swimming away.

About to start our adventure

Mr B leads the way
Over the river and through the woods

i can't believe that was real
Having too much fun to want to go home
Winter wonderland
The Saturday after Christmas it was -14 degrees Fahrenheit and i woke up with horrible stomach cramps. So, i did the only sensible thing...went on an 8 mile cross country ski trip with Mr B around Harriman State Park. Ian opted to stay home in the warmth.

It was actually invigorating to be out and about it the cold cold clear day. i found i preferred it to the warmer weather with the snow. And i was honestly shocked that i could work up a sweat in weather that cold. Besides, the cold kept people away and we were lone skiers.

Trust me, it was colder than it looks
Stopped in warming hut: Icicles forming everywhere (even in the eyelashes)
Smiling...even if you can't tell

Hurrah for winter adventures! And long underwear. And hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets and snuggling afterwards :)

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