10 February 2016

In spite of the groundhog

Winter persists.

i honestly do not mind the cold, the snow, the icicles. For the most part, the sun still shines in Rexburg (even when it is brutally cold) and that is the most important thing for me. i don't know how this winter compares with winters past as far as snowfall or record breaking cold days.

What i do know is that it takes 5.5 laps around the indoor track to complete only 1 mile. And i am running a lot of miles. And it is too cold and icy for me to run outside.

Which means that i am ready for spring.

Fortunately, business has taken me twice already this year to St. George for a number of days each time. Next week i am headed back again.

On my first trip there, i ran 30 miles. On my second (which was a couple days shorter) i ran 20 miles. Fifty AMAZING, outdoor, beautiful miles in January.

On one of my runs, i counted 6 cute little rabbits bouncing around. Luckily, i haven't run into any snakes, although i have returned with my shoes completely full of soft red sand.


i have found a mix of paved paths, gravel roads and trails...all with no vehicular traffic. 

My favorite runs have been through the lovely Snow Canyon. 

Only 66 more days until my first marathon of the year. Training is much easier with views like these.

i know that it gets ridiculously hot there in the summer, but for now, i will soak up all the rays, rocks and running weather that i can while i can. i will also continue to stop mid-run to take pictures because the beauty is breathtaking to me.

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