12 February 2016

Because i don't care for Valentine's Day either

Please, go read this.


Then come back and tell me what you think.

It's everything that is in my soul that i would want to say, but do not have the eloquence to do it.

If my begging isn't enough to convince you, here are my favorite tid-bits:

'Don’t believe the lie that a person will complete you. A person can never complete you. They will add onto you. They will show you reality. They will push you out of your comfort zone but they will never complete you. If you are looking for completion in the form of two blue eyes, it isn’t waiting for you there. Go look elsewhere.'

'Before you can be sure of another person you must be sure of yourself. I cannot say this enough. You must be willing to bet on yourself. This does not mean you have to be perfect or anywhere near it. You can always be better, but are you enough? There’s a difference between being better and being enough.'

'The one is just a person, like you. They will be imperfect and salty. They will let you down and forget important dates. They will burn the toast and they will sing out of tune sometimes. The one is just a person in your life who gets your extra portions of grace. The one is just a person who gets the majority of your texts, tears, and prayers. They pick you. You pick them.'

And my favorite of all:

So if you want a damn adventure then you must pack the bag and go. Buy your own coffee. Make your own playlists. Plan your own road trips. See the things you want to see just for the simple fact that they matter enough to you. A match on Tinder will not live your dreams for you.
(Hannah Brencher)

i believe this with all of my heart. This was me a year ago, celebrating "Valentine's Day" on my own adventure:

Convinced yet? Go read it. The whole thing is amazing!

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