01 June 2015

Sometimes i'm only HALF crazy

My full marathon was not my first race of the season. March 21st i went down to Moab, Utah to run a half marathon with one of my girl friends. It was her first half and we were so excited to run in such beautiful country.

Freezing at the start line
Nice drum team helping us up the hill
Running right along the river
Because the only thing more attractive than a selfie is a RUNNING selfie
Yay for the start to a new season!
She seriously rocked it!

And then because the only sensible thing to do right after running a half marathon is to go on a 4 mile hike and do yoga precariously perched on top of an arch:

Matchy matchy race tees
Sara's first time in Arches
We are women, hear us roar

That's me!
i mentioned that i had been struggling with IT tendinitis since April which has made running incredibly painful. Also, the only way to heal from the inflammation is to NOT RUN. So my mileage has decreased exponentially. After my marathon, i ran a few 10 to 12 mile runs on Saturdays and then cut back even from that. The amount of miles that i ran in the ENTIRE month post marathon is what i would normally have done in ONE WEEK before the race.

Because of the lack of running and mostly the pain, i was very worried about this last Saturday. i went to Boise with Sara again for the Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon. It ended up being a gorgeous race. i went slow and steady...holding myself back over a minute per mile than what i usually run in a half. The sky was overcast which kept things cool. The course stretched right along the river on a green belt that never dumped us on city streets at all. The best part was NO PAIN!! i finished feeling great.

The course
Best post race food--baked potato
Woot! The racing continues!
So glad she has been able to race with me
Swag...Idaho style
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