02 June 2015

What i learned in May

Linking up with emily p. freeman to share a few things that i learned last month.

1- Bug repellent will eat off nail polish (even gel finishes!)
i had just applied a beautiful new gel finish in the morning. That evening i went waterfall chasing which required a thorough coating of insect repellent. As we were driving home, i noticed that the nails on my right hand (which i had used to spray the repellent and to cover up my face as i was being sprayed) were super tacky, softened and worn off.

i was trying a new nail product, so at first i was discouraged, thinking it was my gel. But after some research it turns out that the ethyl alcohol or solvents in the spray are the culprits.

2- NSAID When i went to the orthopedic surgeon, he diagnosed my tendinitis and told me how to treat it. One of the things he said was to take a prescription amount of NSAIDs (pronounced EN-sed). i had never heard that term before. He explained to me that it was ibuprofen or aleve. It wasn't until a couple of weeks of using the term myself when i finally looked it up to see for what it was an acronym. It means: Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug. And now i feel way more knowledgeable when asking for ibuprofen or some such drug.

3- How to send a call to voicemail i have had an iPhone for years now. How did i not know this?? i knew that if i clicked on the sleep/wake button once that it would silence an incoming call, but i had no idea that clicking it twice would send them straight to my voicemail.

4- Some words i use over and over i consider myself as having a pretty decent vocabulary. i love words and learning new ones. But apparently there are a few words that i use more frequently than others. Apparently, it's not just the word in and of itself, but also the way i use it. A friend pointed out some words that are quintessentially "jennifer." For example, lovely.("That sounds like a lovely evening" or "This movie is lovely"). Also, delicious. ("The sunrise was delicious this morning" or "A bubble bath sounds delicious right now"). Last example, rude. (This one is almost always a stand alone. But, for examples sake, i'm running and hit a hill and say "rude." Or my internet goes out and i say "rude" etc).

5- If i listen to Taylor Swift in the morning, i end up wearing lipstick that day i don't listen to her very often at all (i don't care for much of her music). i also don't wear lipstick very often at all either (correlation? i think so!) i don't even do it consciously, either! It's like her red lips plant this idea in my brain that i must wear some color too.

6- My Idaho roots dig DEEP Both of my parents grew up close to where i live now, and i know that many of my ancestors were from this area, but until this Memorial day when i decided to visit the graves of some of my great grandparents did i realize just how deeply my family (both paternal and maternal) is rooted here. 3 sets of my great grandparents live within 30 minutes of my house. The other set is only 2.5 hours away. i also got to visit great great grandparents on both my maternal side and my paternal side. AND i saw my great great great great grandfather Wadsworth's grave on Memorial day. (In that cemetery, there were three pages of Wadsworths listed as buried there).

When people ask me where i am from, i usually say "i grew up in Las Vegas, but i claim Idaho." Before now i have had a few people scoff at that or say "Well, i guess we can consider you a transplant." Now i would beg to differ--my blood is definitely Idahoan through and through.
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