03 June 2015

Happy National Running Day!

"Before I began running, the idea that I'd ever go a mile seemed impossible.
And of course it was.
Until I ran a mile."

(Runner's World Magazine)

i thank God for running. It has changed my life. In a way, it has saved me.

To celebrate today...i ran fast up a steep hill :)

i also wrote this...

i run

*to recenter
*because it's cheaper than therapy
*so i don't run away
*so that i can hang medals on my wall
*to push my body
*for me
*because i'm crazy
*to get lost
*to feel empowered
*because i love it
*to see the sunrise
*to keep my sanity
*to give me an excuse to wear spandex
*because i can
*to achieve the impossible
*to eat ice cream
*a lot
*to control the things i can
*to let go of what i can't control
*to feel strong
*farther than i ever thought i could
*to prove to myself that i can
*because i want to stand very still
*to breathe
*long and slow
*to reach my goals
*for the finish line
*to inspire
*through the pain
*for the high
*in order to fly
*because it reminds me that i'm alive

Because it is who i am 
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