28 May 2015

The beat goes on, da da dum da dum da da

This is what is going on in my life lately:

*According to the pictures on my phone, i have been:

Relaxing and reading in the hammock

Trying new recipes. This is a double layer red velvet cake from scratch.
Catching up with old friends

Turning my living room into the best fort yet

Hiking through gorgeous country
Sometimes finding waterfalls in Yellowstone
Snuggling with my bird
Eating junk with my girl friends

Camping by a gorgeous lake

Celebrating when good people get married

Running around

*There is a new post-it on my computer screen that says

"Life Instructions:
1- Put one foot in front of the other.
2- Repeat."

*i have IT tendinitis. It hurts to run. i am praying for speedy recovery. Especially because Spotify has a new feature that matches the tempo of the music with the pace of the run. And because i have another race in 2 days.

*Rain has been falling most evenings in my little town. i rejoice in the rays of sun that i see during the day and fall asleep to the patter of the rain outside. 

*i am working on reading the New Testament and finding so much peace and love in the life of Christ.

Can i tell you a secret?

i am so happy. i feel incredibly blessed. i love my life.

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