18 May 2015

Didja know?

Sometimes it is exciting to get to know new people--to hear their stories, likes, dislikes, and fun facts about them. But i find it especially delightful when i find out something new about someone that i have known for years. Maybe i can delight you today?

10 Things That You May Not Know About Me:

1- i like all food, except for pancakes.

2- i hate writing with mechanical pencils...only an EXTRA sharp #2 pencil will do.

3- My favorite part of driving is using on-ramps when there is no one in front of me.

4- i can't fall asleep if my closet door is open.

5- At least once a month i injure myself while cooking.

6- i am obsessed with curly hair.

7- My most watched movie is "Fantasia 2000."

8- If i could only change one thing about my life, it would be how i treated my mother when i was growing up.

9- i am the most self conscious about my skin.

10- My favorite color is a deep, rich purple (like plumish.)

Anything surprise you? :)
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