16 December 2014


i got to spend a week in Las Vegas with my family over Thanksgiving. i enjoyed the incredible weather which provided me with some gorgeous runs (including my first 20 miler!). But mostly it was about the family.

Here is what i did:

*Lots of hide and seek with Jane

Always hiding with "grandpapa"

* Spent time outside (walks, parks, baseball, running)

Spinning with Mom

Pushing Jane. She yells "Higher! Higher!"

Yes, this is how i catch a baseball

Jane would stop, get lined up and say "Ready, Set, Go!"

* Made and ate a lot of food

i was in charge of the veggie tray

Baking with Jane and Erika

She did an excellent job stirring

*Put up lights both inside and outside

Working with Dad to get things just right

Lighting the palms with Ian

Finished product

*Tried as hard as i could to get enough snuggles and tickles and kisses and hugs from my niece to make it all the way until Christmas.


i hope your holiday season is full of many happy moments.

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