18 November 2014

Captain's Log, We Run This City, (RagLV-2014)

Ragnar Las Vegas. My third of the year. The last race of the season.

Van 1 at the start line
You know the story at this point: 200ish miles, 12 friends, 2 vans, 3 legs for each runner.

i was the captain of our team "We Run This City." i had run a Ragnar with almost every person in my van already this year. This might have been one of the best teams that i have had. My abs hurt from laughing almost as much as my legs ached from running.

These are my people...crazy like me.

We started up at Mt Charleston ski resort and then ran down off the mountain and along I95 into Las Vegas. The route had the team loop all around Vegas, up to Blue Diamond and then out to Henderson and back over to the southwest of the city, ending only minutes from my parent's house.

Brice meant business!
One of the things that made this team amazing was how supportive the runners were of each other. There was much cheering and encouraging and water-giving and tunnel-making.

Supporting Anna through some nasty desert

My first leg was nasty. Really nasty. It was hot and sunny with no clouds and no shade. i was running along I95. Yes. Right along the highway. That was strange for me. There was a lane closed down for runners but my van couldn't stop and support me because of the route. So i was carrying my own water. The sun blasted off of the pavement and there was a 9.5 mile, straight, ugly shot in front of me. i was getting over a cold and my lungs rejected the fact that i was asking them to work extra hard. It was pretty slow going for me and i was ECSTATIC to see my team waiting for me at the end.

The best part about running in Vegas? Sleeping in a house between legs! After we all finished our first leg, we went back to the 'rents to regroup, nap, eat and get ready for our night runs.

My Dad came to see us off!

i have never in my life had a run like my second leg. i was a little worried since i had been coughing like nobody's business since i finished my first run. But my Dad was there and my team was encouraging so i put on my tough face and got ready to go.

My run started with a lovely downhill. As i bolted along, my dad, on his way home, drive up alongside me and threw me a few words of encouragement. Before i knew it, the first mile was over and my running app told me that i finished it in 8:30. Fast for me. The road flattened out and my core temperature rose enough that i started stripping layers...without stopping. And i started passing people. Mile two hit and i finished in 8:25. i told myself i had to slow down or i would be trashed before the end of the leg. After briefly stopping to pee behind a bush, i took off again.

The moon was out and almost full. i was outside of the city, running through the desert with the moon and my headlamp to light the way. The music was blasting in my ears. My heart was beating with the pace of my feet. i was FLYING. i couldn't slow down. i was passing runners like crazy. 5, 10, 15 people. i flew past the water station. Miles passed and even with my potty break i kept it right at 8:30 mins/mile. In the distance, the lights of the city came into view.

Coming to the end of my 5.5 miles, i didn't want to stop!! i was on the highest of runner's highs. i was exhilarated and bouncing with energy. i had never run so fast for so long before. My own personal record.

high on running flying

After our round of night legs, we once again hit the house for rest. When i woke up the team to leave for our last leg, there was much grumbling. But by the time we got to the exchange and got our runner ready to go, we were back on track and ready to run!

Van 2 coming in to pass off to Van 1
We decided that we were going to "go thoroughbred" on our last legs!

My last run was an interesting one. i was walking pretty stiff because of pushing myself so hard during leg 2 and i was tired from not sleeping because of coughing. But once i got started, i just kept plugging along. My training kicked in and i settled into my long distance pace, even though i wasn't covering nearly the miles that i normally do on a "long run." It was my longest leg at 10.2 miles but it wasn't as hard as my first leg. It was cooler and at least i was zigzagging through some trails and different city streets.

Such a happy sign

Not only that, but my van was there to support me (they were a lovely sight every two miles) and even my dad showed up to leapfrog support and cheer me into my personal finish line.

25 miles, baby!!

i was so proud of my team and the runners that pushed themselves as hard as they possibly could!

The whole team

One of the fun parts about this race was that EVERYONE in my van got a double medal (one for running Las Vegas Ragnar and one for doing two Ragnars in the same year).

 But since i did THREE this year, i got three! 

The best part of Ragnar? Having an amazing team.


My body will try to turn on me, but my mind is much stronger.

Sometimes the most encouraging thing is a kind "you got this!"

Having other people rely on me isn't as scary as it used to be.

i really am a runner.


I can do hard things.

Nothing motivates me more than wanting to make my father proud.


Chasing tail lights in the distance is the best way to spend a sleepless night.

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