11 November 2014

It has been a bad day

Mistake #1- Waking up.

Mistake #2- Thinking a 12 mile run would make me feel better.

Mistake #3- Pretending to care about what i looked like.

Mistake #4- Not giving myself enough time in the morning to shovel snow and scrape car windows (thus making me late to my management meeting).

Mistake #5- Only bringing a salad to work for lunch.

Mistake #6- Actually caring if a boy texted me back (he didn't).

Mistake #7- Refusing to admit that it's not going to break 20 degrees today and therefore not dressing warm enough.

Mistake #8- Agreeing to be social tonight when all i really want to do is blast some Copeland, take a bath and eat ice cream for dinner.

Here's to a sunnier tomorrow.
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