17 December 2014

To my someone

Dear Someone,

i miss you today. Not in the sad i-wish-i-had-a-shoulder-to-cry-on sort of way. Rather, it's in the i-have-had-a-great-day-and-want-to-share-this-feeling-with-my-someone kind of way. It's when i want to show you my new manicure, and tell you about the baby bird that i'm babysitting, and watch the snow fall with you, and feel this serenity together.

Yesterday i was watching a movie with a girlfriend and, at the very end, the protagonist looks at his wife with all the love showing in his face. It was all i could do not to rewind and watch that 5 seconds over and over.

i know (oh so clearly) that life is not like a move with perfect endings, love at first sight and grand romantic gestures overcoming all the problems in a relationship. i've said many times that i don't believe in fairy tales or "romantic comedies."

But i do believe in true love.

And some day i want to look across the room and see that same look in your eyes and on your face. A look of deep and lasting love. A look that will only come from you when you see me as i really am. My deep beauty, not the surface stuff. A look that means you love everything you see.

i can't wait to see it,

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