30 January 2012


i dislike rollercoasters. i was the girl who got dragged onto the ride screaming while my dad said, "Stop being a boob."

i don't like waiting in line watching the cart whip into and out of the loading station, hearing screams from the tracks and seeing everyone's hair messed up and their knees weak as they get off at the end of the ride. i despise the anticipation of the climb before the first drop and the feeling of topping the edge before heading down...watching the cars in front careening toward the ground and feeling them pull me into the same descent. i don't enjoy my stomach shooting up into my throat and the not being able to slow down no matter how hard i grip the car or the harness around me. Shooting along completely out of my control with no clue as to what is coming next (drops, corners, loops, twists) feels terrifying to me.

Perhaps if i enjoyed rollercoasters a bit more, i would enjoy life a bit more too.
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