24 January 2012

How do you measure a year in a life?

February 1st marks our one year mark of moving to Pocatello. I have been commuting up to Rexburg for a whole year. That averages to about 720 hours commuting this past year. In other words:

30 days of travel time. ONE WHOLE MONTH of my year was spent commuting. WoW! Interesting. So I started tallying. Here are some figures that "measure" our last year.

11 books read out loud

5 new addictions*

2 moves

49 nights apart

1 promotion

20 blog posts (including this one)

10 trips**

0 pregnancies

3 callings

44 school credits

9 rooms redecorated (not all of them were in my house)

3 dead goldfish

1 live goldfish

8 new pairs of shoes

48 trips to Taco Bell

6 neighborhood parties

1 surgery

*Jake: Katy Perry, grilling. Me: Glee, gardening. Both of us: our iPhones.
**Vegas x3, Texas, Seattle, SLC x3, camping x2

1 regret: I didn't count (or write down) the books that I have read. I plan on rectifying that in this coming year.
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