22 February 2012

I {heart} YWs

I made it through my first "New Beginnings" program! Hours of work in planning and decorating and baking paid off when my one girly who isn't a member bore her testimony of prayer. And when all my Laurels gave AMAZING thoughts on values with scriptures, quotes, personal experiences and "audience" participation. And when my beehives (who were terrified) stood up with prepared quotes that they had researched. And when I saw the glowing faces of the girlies that will enter my program this year. And when a less active father shared the love he had for his daughters in putting their faith in this program and seeking out good things in their life. And when I was able to express my love for my girlies.

Our theme was: I {heart} YWs and so everything was decorated with hearts and focused on the first sentence of the YW theme, "We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us, and we love Him."

My laurel class president conducted the meeting which meant that as soon as the decorations were set up, all I had to do was sit back, enjoy and wait for my turn to speak.

Inspiration from my friends Laural and Grace:

"Valuable" cookies

Don't my girlies just glow?

My presidency...me and Elizabeth :)

Being the YW president has been the most challenging calling I have ever had (even more than a missionary!) and I have only been in 6 months! It stretches me on so many levels. I pray that I can continue to be grateful for where I am and that my calling will bless the girls' lives and not just my own.

Next big activity? Girls' Camp.....aaaahhhh.....don't forget to breathe....
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