16 July 2015

Oh hi, Mr B!

i have been reluctant to introduce Mr B to the blog. Perhaps because in the dating phase, relationships have a tendency to be a bit transitive.

However, it's time for several reasons:
1- We have been dating for over 6 months now.
2- i want to share about my summer adventures and many of them are with him.
3- Those of you who keep in touch with me in ways other than this blog (which are many, if not most of you) already are aware of his existence anyway.
4- Even if our togetherness is temporary, it is still pushing me to grow and improve. He affects my life for the better and i would love to share how.

In my first relationship after my divorce i had honesty and openness. i thought "i didn't know that this was possible in a relationship! It can't get any better than this!" Then, as time wore on, i realized that honesty and openness (although necessary) just weren't enough. It was time to move ahead, even if it meant being alone.

In this relationship, there is honesty and openness. But there is more. There is understanding and communication. There is vulnerability. There is connection--emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There is trust. There is peace. There are healthy emotional and physical boundaries. We are building a solid foundation.

And more than anything else, there is SAFETY. Oh my word...i did NOT know that this was possible in a relationship! i don't know how to describe the way it feels. It cannot be faked. i feel emotionally safe with him--i know how he will show up, he doesn't easily go into shame, he holds what is his and let's me hold what is mine, he doesn't play a victim and he doesn't try to rescue me. It is healthy. i don't think i have ever had a really healthy relationship before.

i like him.

Besides...he is a legitimate waterfall chaser.

Here are a couple of the many waterfalls that we have already seen together.

We went kayaking together during the fourth of July weekend. It was a lovely morning with beautiful weather, a calm river and a picnic on the kayak. We even spotted two moose! i love the country in which i live and i love having someone to explore with!

There are so many more adventures and pictures to come. Stay tuned...
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