23 July 2015


Recently, Mr B and i took a trip down to Park City for good food, good company, and good music. i discovered the Utah symphony in the winter of 2012. Since then, i have been down to see them play in Salt Lake City at least once every season. When i heard of this concert at the Deer Valley Music Festival, i bought tickets right away. The symphony playing the music from Fantasia and Fantasia 2000? Yes, please!

Ian loved the idea too, and got himself a date and came in from Logan. We met up at the Deer Valley Resort in Park City. Ian had planned a lovely picnic with steak salads, fun sodas, brownies and fresh fruit. i felt a tad outsmarted with these three (Mr B has a masters in Mechanical Engineering and Ian and his date are studying Bio Engineering right now) when they started discussing a physics class, but it kept the conversation interesting and the picnic portion was over all too soon.

When the music started, i felt goosebumps from head to toe. We had an amazing view of the orchestra. Along either side of the stage were huge screens with the animation from the movies. i was enthralled. i mostly watched the conductor and the orchestra, but also kept an eye on the screens and enjoyed how spot on the music was with the animation.

Here was the musical program:

Beethoven "Symphony No. 5"
Beethoven "Symphony No. 6"
Tchaikovsky "Suite from The Nutcracker"
Debussy "Clair de Lune"
Stravinsky "Firebird"
Ponchielli "Dance of the Hours"
Dukas "Sorcerer’s Apprentice"
Elgar "Pomp and Circumstance"
Respighi "Pines of Rome"

i got chocked up during Clair de Lune and sobbed unabashedly through Stravinsky's "Firebird." i can't help it...not only is the music so moving, but the animation of that one reminds me of my life. It speaks deeply to me. Mr B teased me a bit about getting so emotional, but Ian said he got choked up during that piece as well, so i felt rather validated :)

We had great seats
As the audience cheered the end of the show, i leaned over to Mr B to say that only one thing could have made the concert better. Before i could finish, the conductor said, "We have one more piece for you. It's my favorite piece of music from Fantasia." i started jumping up and down--i knew they were going to play the one thing that would have made it better for me. Sure enough, i guessed right at what was coming. It always brings me to giggles and is my favorite as well.

Carnival of the Animals

It was such a perfect evening. And i'm so glad that i got to share it with this man who has become one of my best friends!

oh, those curls!

Sidenote: the weekend was made complete with a long 18 mile run up Provo Canyon. Mr B did 12 of them with me :)
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