20 July 2015

Happy Trails

At the beginning of last month i took a trip down to Logan for a 10 mile trail run with my girlfriends. i don't get to run trails often and even though it is TOUGH compared to road running, i have a blast. It had been super rainy all through May, so everything up Logan Canyon was green, green, green.

Love that skinny flower strewn trail
Such good running buddies

About three months after Mr B and i started dating, i ran my first half marathon of the season. When i came back from Moab with a medal and on a racing high, he expressed interest in training for a half marathon. He ran track (and a little cross country) in high school, but it had been a long time since he had run more than a couple of miles. So i built up a running plan for him and since then we have put in a lot of miles together. Mr B still doesn't run as many miles as me (nor does he intend to) but he usually schedules himself to run part of my long Saturday runs with me. The Saturday after my Ragnar Ultra, i wasn't scheduled to run as many miles (muscle recovery) so it was a perfect opportunity for us to do a destination trail run.

We woke up early Saturday morning and headed up to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. There we did an 11 mile run all the way around Jenny and String Lake. It was beyond breathtaking.

Water so calm
Skinny shaded trail

Through the marshes around String Lake
The run was very diverse--running right along the lake, running through a swampy area on board walks, crossing the river to get to the other side of the lakes and climbing up into flowery meadows with views from above.

About half way through the run

Can't get much prettier than that
 There was a trail that we veered onto in order to run up to a waterfall called "Hidden Falls." It added more miles (and they were steeper and more populated) but we (aka: Mr B) couldn't resist not stopping at the waterfall.

At the end of the road we were hot, tired and hungry--so we went for a refreshing swim and enjoyed a delicious picnic at the edge of the lake.

It turns out that my love of running and Mr B's love of hiking/being in the mountains make an EXCELLENT combination. It seems we compliment each other rather well.

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