04 March 2015

O Jerusalem

i got to spend 6 days of my trip in "The Holy Land" that is now Israel. The majority of that time was spent in Jerusalem (and more specifically, the Old City). It was surreal to walk through the streets of this city that has been around for thousands of years. A city that has been destroyed and rebuilt a handful of times, been besieged, attacked, captured and recaptured. It is a Holy Land for so many different religions. Prophets and Kings walked her streets. Her name is mentioned in scriptures of Christians, Jews and Muslims. 

Jerusalem as seen from the Mount of Olives

My first glimpse looking over Jerusalem

From the ramparts of the southern section of the city wall

i also felt the pull of my blood and religious roots to the city. My ancestors, even Abraham and Isaac, walked this land. King David built his city here. Solomon constructed the temple that is at the roots of my temple worship today.

The Western Wall

Standing in the ancient "City of David"

The Damascus Gate

Dome of the Rock

Me standing on Temple Mount looking toward the Mount of Olives

 i learned the history as i walked the streets above (and through tunnels below the streets). i witnessed the conflict of the persons living there. i felt the tension surrounding the city.

In the "Western Wall Tunnels" touching the original wall from the Second Temple Period

Wandering the neighborhood streets

The Old City Souks at night as seen from above

From the Southern Ramparts

Chasing the sun in the Old City

Deserted market in the early morning hours

Vendors in the streets of the old city

Looking across Jerusalem from the Northern Ramparts

Walking the streets

i am still amazed that i stood in front of places that i have seen pictures of for years.

Listening to the call to prayer echoing over Jerusalem

In front of the Dome of the Rock

i was really there!
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