12 March 2015

Jerash, Jordan

i knew from pictures in guidebooks that i would enjoy, Jerash...but i had no idea HOW MUCH i would love it. It is an ancient Roman city in northern Jordan from 100AD. Dad and i spent at least four hours combing over every part of the city. Each time we came to a new building, we were surprised to see something even neater than before. One of my favorite moments from the trip was walking the entire length of the Cardo Maximus, or the main street from the city, that even had ruts from chariots all those years ago. 

South Gate

See me? Those columns are enormous!

Looking out over Jerash

One of the three theaters

Gorgeous mosaic

Temple of Athena. Massive.

Temple of Athena from afar

Sitting on a sarcophagus

The Cardo

Stacks of stones


Statuesque in a niche
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