12 March 2014

i don't run to be skinny...

...i run to be bad ass.

And let me tell you...that is exactly how i felt on Saturday around 9:30 in the morning.

i ran a half marathon.

It still sounds weird to say that. i ran 13.1 miles in a race. Before 9:30am. Just because i could.

My training began in June of last year and started with just walking. i remember being terrified to run my first mile. i would look at the runs that were coming and think "there is no way that i am going to be able to run four miles." But since June i have faithfully trained four days a week....even running on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

A friend from work, Dale, set up my entire running plan. He has been my trainer and my moral support for the entire process. As if personally adjusting my plan wasn't enough, Dale came to Vegas to run with me.

Jennifer and Dale 

My guy also came along for the ride...and the run. He hadn't been training nearly as long or as hard as i had, but was determined to race anyway. (PS: He did great, finishing only 30 people behind me)

So proud of my guy

Saturday morning we woke up ridiculously early and headed off to the start line. It was chilly, but warmed as the sun came up and ended up being perfect running weather. At 6:45am, the race began! The course looped around the Red Rock Canyon Visitor's Center once and then curved around the entire "Scenic Drive" of the Park. What made it so intense was the elevation! Check out the elevation guide in the top left corner of the map. We gained almost 1,000 feet in the first 5.3 miles. Then lost all the height we gained. There were some wicked climbs and just as wicked downs. It was not an easy run.

Course Map

My goal was to finish, but i am actually surprised at how well i did. My finish time was 2:19:16. There were 389 runners; i was the 208th. In my age category, i was the 18th of 45. Not too bad for my first one!

When my foot hit the finish line i felt tears spring to my eyes. i did it!! i can still barely believe it. i was pumped full of adrenaline. i felt like i could conquer the world.

You know what, maybe i did in my own way. i conquered my world.

Just after crossing the finish line

PS: A shout out to my sisters who sent me pizza and flowers after the race.

PPS: i was sore on Sunday and Monday but by Tuesday was feeling pretty much back to normal. This week is a week off running. Starting Monday, the training continues. Ragnar, more halves and a full marathon, here i come!
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