19 March 2014


i have two amazing Grandmothers.

Grandma Parker and Gramma Nina
i attended both of their funerals this year. Both of them were up there in years (mid 90s). Both funerals were celebrations of their lives and how they had "endured to the end." i am happy for them and jealous of the release from this world that they experienced.

It has been a strange emotional journey for me. i loved them both dearly and am sad that they are no longer there to hug. But what has been the strangest thing about losing them, was watching my parents. i have seen them each lose a parent before (both of my grandfathers have already passed) but somehow i missed their emotional reactions. This time, i cried to see my parents cry and hurt to see them hurt. Perhaps it was because i kept thinking of what i would be going through if it was MY parent. And that possibility is ever so much more real now. After all, they are the next generation now that my grandparents are gone. 

But that's not really what this post is supposed to be about. More than anything, i want to express the gratitude for my heritage. i am grateful for what they have given me. 

From my Grandmother Wanda Miskin Parker i got the red in my hair. i got my stubbornness and determination.

My Grandma and i
 i have the goal to serve as many missions as she did (one down, three to go!) i will always make shrimp cocktail for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

This might be my new favorite picture
i think of her often as i run--remembering her on her long (and fast!) walks. Grapefruit will always remind me of her, as will Rummikub, rolls and silly campfire songs. i can only hope that i have as mush sass as she did. Plus, she was one CLASSY lady.

Wanda and Woody Parker

From my Gramma Nina Norton Wadsworth i got my tenderness and my sensitivity. i have the same love for beautiful things that she did.

Teenage me and my lovely Gramma
i have the goal to pass on the embroidery and quilting skills that she taught me. i will always love "Peas and Potatoes" and can't wait to attempt my hand at her cake recipes.

Just a few months ago
i think of her often as i watch the irises blooming in the yard, eat strawberry jam or see the Tolkien calendar hanging on my office wall. Laces and roses will always remind me of her, as will gorgeously decorated wedding cakes, lipstick, apple trees, pink tissues and waving goodbye by opening and closing my hands. i can only hope to have her stunning white hair. Plus, she was one BEAUTIFUL woman.

Vaughn and Nina Wadsworth

What a legacy i have to live up to.

i love you, Grandmas! i will miss you. But as Ray Bradbury said, "No person ever died that had a family. I'll be around a long time. A thousand years from now a whole township of my offspring will be biting sour apples in the gumwood shade."
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