07 September 2012

Guess what, all y'alls?

I'm a Texan!

Some things I have noticed that are different from Southeastern Idaho:

*Little kids say "ma'am" and "sir"
*There are no mountains.
*There is Bluebell icecream in the grocery store (Best. Icecream. Ever.)
*The drivers are so bloody polite; if you put on your blinker, people move or slow down to let you in.
*It doesn't cool off at night. It's strange to step out into the dark and have it still be hot and muggy.
*There is amazing BBQ.
*Hello shopping :)
*i am not the only mini cooper on the roads. In fact, there are loads of us.
*i hear buzzing cicadas in the trees (reminds me of my childhood in LV).
*Tap water tastes disgusting.
*Although i have yet to truly experience it, i have heard that storms here are like nothing else. i've only seen the tip of the iceburg.
*There are a LOT more black people (or should i say "There actually ARE people that aren't just caucasian or Mexican")
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