16 June 2011

The little things that keep me amused

Sometimes happiness at work is:

*A fun new gel highlighter

*Suddenly realizing the day is over and it has flown by

*A voicemail from a driver panicking because he'd lost his pants on a shuttle {and it wasn't even a prank call!}

*Building the perfect rubberband ball

*Decorating the boss' desk with Justin Bieber memorabilia

*Finally filing something that has been previously unresolved for months

*Accordian Post-It notes

*Making the perfect "That's what she said" joke in front of the whole shop

*Someone bringing in food to share

*Laughing with the other girls at the names of the passengers {think Chlorine, Zsolt and TyRay}

*When someone besides me falls on the stairs

*Fridays :D

Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow and an amazing weekend. I'm sure I will!
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