26 October 2010

Losing faith in humanity

At work there is a back room where all the drivers check in and out. Located in that room is our lost and found. On Friday, my husband rode the shuttle and left a very nice book on the van. i immediately called the driver who confirmed that he had the book. He wasn't scheduled to arrive back at the office until 8pm...a few hours after i check out of work. i asked him to leave the book in this back room in the lost and found so that i could pick it up the next day. Jacob and i stopped by the next day to recover his lost novel. Upon arriving, the book was nowhere in the room. i called the driver and confirmed that, indeed, he HAD left Sherlock Holmes in the driver's room. How disheartening. This is the note that i now have posted in their room. i hope that i see positive results ::sigh::

Dear Current Possessor of my Sherlock Holmes Book,

I am aware that my Sherlock Holmes book was in the back driver’s room all by itself. If you decided to adopt it into your own library, please note that it was NOT orphaned, merely momentarily abandoned. I would like to bring it home again. Please return it.

Thank you,


P.S. At least return the bookmark inside—it has sentimental value.
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