20 October 2010

As for me and my house

i know i promised Jacob's stories, and i AM working on them. Until then, here is a short story (that i received straight from the babysitter's mouth) that i simply had to share. Although the story is true, the names are changed by request of the somewhat embarrassed parents. Hope you get a laugh!

...After a couple of hours in the house with 6 & 7 year old Laurie and John, the babysitter decided that perhaps they would behave better if he let the kids run around outside for a bit. John was quickly ready to go, but Laurie dilly-dallied and wouldn't put her shoes on. Even with much beseeching from the babysitter, she was uncooperative and hiding in odd corners rather than getting her shoes on. John, anxious to get outside and play, finally lost patience with his sister and yelled, "Laurie, just put your damn shoes on!"

The shocked babysitter quickly pulled John aside and explained, "John! We don't say that word in this house!" The little boy looked up at the babysitter with an expression that conveyed both confusion and frustration and said, "Yes we do!" Now how do you respond to that?
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