01 September 2010

One day I'd like to...

* Live on a street named “Wildflower Avenue”

* Wear something truly and obviously expensive and then (when i get the inevitable compliment) say, “This old thing? Why, i only wear it when i don’t care how i look!”

* Watch all the movies in my “501 Must See Movies” book (except maybe the really scary ones)

* Lie on a blanket in a meadow for a picnic or to read a book and have no one else around for miles

* Dance in front of a wall of lights (if you don't know what i mean, look up "Speed of Sound" by Coldplay or "Riding Solo" by Jason Derulo. And please note that the Jason Derulo song is mentioned not for its musical quality, but rather for the wall in front of which he dances during the music video)

* Be mistaken for a celebrity

* Have something i’ve written published

* Attend a ball

* Win something on a radio show

* Find (or invent if needed) a candle that smells just like Barnes and Nobles—-new books and coffee

* Get my name changed so that it's legally in all lower-case letters
"jennifer olson"
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