08 September 2010

A Few Confessions

*i am a nose picker. There are some boogers that you just can’t get out any other way.

*i love cool bookmarks so much that when i get a new one, it makes me want to read just so i can start using it. (Sometimes it takes me just as much time to pick the bookmark i'm going to use as it does to pick the book i'm going to read).

*i really don't like it when people call me "jenn"

*i like flipping through magazines almost as much for the feel of the glossy pages as for the actual content.

*When my nail polish chips, i paint over it in a darker color rather than taking the time to remove it.

*i love when my dirty laundry basket is empty (i mean, it makes me so happy that sometimes i actually giggle).

*i wish i could live in an apartment complex like in “Rear Window” so that i could make up stories about my neighbors lives. (Yes i am aware that this is a creeper quality).

*i don’t think farting jokes are funny.

*i still sleep with a teddy bear some nights when Jacob isn’t with me.

*i wish someday someone will read my journals, care about what I wrote, know who i really was and get a glimpse into my soul…even long after I am gone.

*When i walk into my house, the first thing i notice is whether the floor needs to be swept or not.

*i think Eminem is hot.
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