24 February 2017

Memories of Warmer Days

It's blizzarding outside. This has me reminiscing about the summer and as I was flipping through pictures, I landed on our wedding. I realized I haven't shared any reception pictures on here. Today is as good as any to share.

When Mr B and I started planning our wedding, we decided we wanted a "garden party" feel. My sisters and I got on Pinterest and starting pinning away. Amazingly enough, when I look through my reception pictures, it's like looking through my Pinterest page. I thought it would be fun to show you my inspiration, and how our version looked.

From Pinterest:

OUR Version
We did everything ourselves (with the help of family, of course). Mr B and I grew all of the succulents ourselves! We propagated them from plants that were growing in my backyard and then grew them for the couple months before our wedding. We spray painted and decorated the centerpieces, as well as arranging the succulents and flowers. I spent hours on the backdrop and Mr B's mom and aunts helped make the bunting. Mr B engineered and put together the posts to hang everything. My little sis was the general director. My mom put together the food tables and my older sister created the gorgeous labels on the sign in table and food tables. Mr B's sister designed our sign in book and helped pull last minute details together.

 We have asked ourselves "Looking back, what would we have done differently?" and both of us come up with the same answer every time. "Nothing."
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