11 July 2016

Mr. and Mrs. B.

I got married. It actually happened. 

Just like with almost all big changes, I still look around and think "Is this really happening? Is this my life?" Like when I was unpacking and moving into his our house, and I put our little ring dish on the bathroom counter and realized "I'm a Mrs! I'm married!"

"How's married life?" is the question we get asked many many times a day lately.

There are so many layers and so many emotions that I wasn't expecting. And while a huge part of me wants to share, I refrain because I am still processing and it's too raw and too disorganized...and too personal. 

(Another side of me wants to respond with something snarky like "There is a lot more nudity" or "Worst decision of my life" or "My marriage is just fine. How's yours?")

But what i will say in response to "How's married life?":

*I have a sweet husband (but I already knew I was marrying a sweet man)

* I love waking up to his face every morning

*I'm really excited to see where life goes with my Mr. B.
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