10 May 2016

Hiking begins

A couple of weekends ago, Mr B and i ventured into Grand Teton National Park for the first time this year. Many of the roads were still closed due to snow, but we decided to do one quick 3 mile hike to Taggart Lake, which neither of us had ever visited before.

The hike started out just fine with the trail a little muddy, and some patches of snow off on the sides, but the signs of Spring all around us.

Within .5 miles, we were walking on quite a bit of snow. By the time we were a mile in, we were precariously walking across deep packed snow. If we stepped wrong, we ended up in snow up past our knees. i dissolved into giggles when Mr B had to pull me out of a snow bank.

Neither of us were expecting to find the lake still almost completely frozen over.

 The solitude and quiet was stunning.

On the way back, the clouds cleared out enough for us to get a great view of the Tetons. 

Here's to the first hike of the season with many many more miles to come.

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