04 November 2015

Fam Damily

i am head over heels in love with being an Aunt. For my 30th birthday present, Erika and my not-so-little-anymore niece came to visit me. Even my brother-in-law spent a night or two at my house.

We rode bikes, went to the zoo, played at the park, climbed on the toys in Arctic Circle, watched Disney movies, painted our nails, fed the ducks, braided our hair, built duplo trains, visited the library, stalked BYUI campus and had dance parties in the living room.

Love this mug
Erika and Jane at the zoo
Hugging the goats at the zoo 
Playing at home
Erika and Jane. Braids a la Jennifer

Duck pond
Wandering on the college campus
"I can do it myself!"
Belle got more attention that i think she wanted. Although she didn't complain about all the food Jane fed her!

"What is this little person?"
"No one can see me, right?"
Yogurt sharing
When the boys arrived (Erika's hubby and Ian) we had a campfire and went bowling.

i wish they didn't live so far away, but i am so glad i got to kiss that cute little face!

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