16 November 2015

And then there was William

i thought i couldn't love another little human being as much as i love my niece. Apparently, my new nephew is an exception. 

i got to drive up to Montana to meet him before he was even three weeks old. i cannot wait until January when they move just a little bit closer to me.

The drive up
My first time holding William 
"Get out of my face, Aunt Jennifer!" 
"Oh my heck...I have to put up with her my whole life??"
William curled up in my lap
Morning time cuddles
Handsome little man
Baby wearing

Sister+baby+cinnamon icecream=Happy Jennifer
Up at 1am because i wanted to watch him sleep

i love these people. i'm glad they are mine. 
He's pretty much my favorite little goober of a boy ever. i am grateful that he is in my life. 

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