12 October 2015


On our way to Southern Utah last weekend, my girlfriend shared a meme with me that asked: "If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?" and then said "I don't know. Is there a medal and finisher shirt?"

We laughed for a long time over it because that is pretty much what happened with her. i straight up talked her into running the St George Marathon with me. Since entry for the race is a lottery system, when we signed up back in April i convinced her by saying, "We don't even know if we will get in!" And then we did and she was committed!

A year ago, she didn't think that she could ever run more than 6 miles. Impossible, she told me. i told her that she was wrong and if she started training she could run much much further. We trained together all through last winter and by the end of the summer she was doing runs as long as mine.

i was so excited to have her experience the same pain and joy that i had in my marathons. We decided to run the thing together.

The St George Marathon is a pretty big one. They cap it off at 7,800 marathoners. There is no half or 10k that same weekend. It is rated by Runner's World as one of the four "Marathons to Build a Vacation Around" in the World. It is included in Runner's World 10 Most Scenic Marathons and Top 20 Marathons in the USA.

At the start line there were massive bonfires to keep all the runners warm.

Since there are so many people, the roads are completely closed for the runners. There were certain places along the course for supporters to cheer us on. Our boyfriends were able to see us at mile 7, mile 17 and the finish line.

Mr B said that the St George Marathon looked like Skittles on a slide---hundreds of brightly colored dots slowly and steadily winding down the roads.

We sure wound by some GORGEOUS places!

Although there weren't a ton of places for people to support, the aid stations were amazing and there were loads of signs that people had placed along the course. Since Mr B is growing out his mustache (for Halloween purposes) i had to take a picture of this sign:

I'd love to walk but I "mustache" to the finish line

We were lucky to have cloud cover through the last 10 miles of the race which made the 70 degree weather much more bearable for us Idaho ladies. It was a physical and mental battle as it always is. 

i'm so glad that i could be there for my friend and that she could be there for me. Crossing the finish line is an overwhelming feeling. Crossing it with someone that i love? Inexplicable. i am so proud of her for achieving her "impossible."

We made it!
(Wouldn't have made it without the KT tape!)
At the finish line both of my parents were there waiting to see us cross, along with our boyfriends. i am consistently blown away by the support of my family and friends who drive such long distances and sit around for 4 and a half hours in order to be there for me as i finish my races.

So good to see them at the end
 This was my last full marathon of the year. i am equal parts relieved and sad to see the season winding down. My body is tired. Actually, let's face it, my legs are completely trashed. But i am so grateful to them for getting me through so much.

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