08 January 2015


New Year's Day is a fun holiday--an excuse to stay up late and play, a day to look forward to after the post-Christmas slump, a great chance to get new calendars, a perfect time to reminisce and a great opportunity to look towards exciting things coming up in the year.

But then there are the resolutions...which i despise. As you can see on my past "New Year's posts" (here, here and here) i'm not one for setting a long list of resolutions. i'm certainly not opposed to setting goals and making lists of them (my 30 in 30 which i'm still working on!) But there is something specifically about New Year's resolutions that irks me. Perhaps it is the connotation surrounding them of never following through and setting the same goals year after year. And that feeling of "Dammit! i just swore. i guess i will have to wait until next year to remake the resolution "Thou shalt not swear.'"

What i hate the most about resolutions are the "resolutioners." These are the people who clog up the indoor track all day long for the first three weeks of January. They are resolved to "lose that weight...even if it means sacrificing sleep!" Blah blah blah.

i just want to tell them all to give up and go home now because they won't make it anyway and will give up themselves not too long from now. All they are doing is making it hard for those of us to whom running ISN'T a resolution but a way of life. i have had to dodge them all 26 miles that i have run on the track since January 1st.

Hurrah for yesterday and a stint of warmer (36 degree!!) weather that enabled me to get in my miles outside with no resolutioners in the way. And i had the most gorgeous end to my run.

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