27 August 2014


i like celebrating other people's birthdays because i am so happy that they were born and i love letting them know this.

Yesterday was my birthday. My friends, coworkers and family made me feel so very loved.
Nothing really huge happened, either. It was the little things that made the day so nice: coming to work to find my office decorated, employees who brought in sweets, a package from my mom, lunch with my coworkers, my guy taking the day off to come all the way up from Utah just to hang out with me for a day, friends from different areas of my life coming together for ice cream, calls from my family, dinner left in my fridge from my lovely neighbor, texts from old and far away friends, being serenaded by my brother, and a silly plastic crown to announce that it was my birthday. And, oh my, there were so many smiles and laughs and hugs.

i guess this post really is to say two things:

1- i have the best people in my life.
2- Today i am happy i was born too.
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