26 June 2013

Just a little thing

Yesterday i went to spend the evening at the temple. On my drive over, i received a phone call from my father. So, when i got there i sat in the parking lot for about five minutes finishing up the conversation. There was a car parked next to me with a guy also just sitting there. Upon terminating my call, i locked up my car and entered the temple.

Two hours later, when i got back to my car, i found a note tucked into my driver's side window. It simply said, "I hope this isn't too weird, but I just wanted to say that I thought you look quite nice today. Have a great night! ~Shain W"

That was it. No phone number. No come-on. No request for a date. Just a plain, simple, and oh-so-sweet compliment with no alterior motives. i assume it came from the kid in the car next to me, but i don't even know for sure.

The note is now stuck to my fridge.

It. Made. My. Day.
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